my poor babies!

Two of my babies are unwell…oh dear oh dear.  Ronie was ill with a fever last night, burning up.  Luckily today he was feeling well enough to be up and around and eat a bit, so I made him a healthy snacking bento in one of our new divided lunch boxes.  Spelt cinnamon toast, melon, rice crackers and juicy peach and pear slices.Making something for the Ronie always cheers him up (and me).  If only I could come up with something so easy for my very poorly puppy girl…she was spayed yesterday.  Something isn’t quite right with her so we have been back and forth to the vet.  She is having a hard time eating and drinking anything.  I made her some broth, and lamb and rice, but she still is only having a small amount of fluids. Poor, poor puppy girl.  I hope she is feeling better tomorrow.Tomorrow I’ll make her some chicken broth.  Fingers crossed.

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