simple onigiri bentos at the park

A couple of weeks ago we met up with some homeschooling friends at the park.  Because we had dental appointments just before we made bento lunches to bring with us.  Ronie wanted to help make his:He insisted on putting a nori wrap around his meatball!  The kid loves nori, what can I say?  And furikake on the onigiri.  Now I realise I forgot to give him food picks!  ARGH!  We were in a hurry.  The bentos were all three basically the same, except we had our onigiri a bit different.  This one is mine:I had a little mayonnaise and spring onion with the chicken…I’m addicted to spring onion lately.  I used to dislike it, and any kind of raw onion.  I wonder what happened to me?  Now I really like it, especially on miso soup, or ginger chicken rice.  This onigiri has umeboshi inside.  The meatball was leftover from dinner…we never seem to have enough leftovers to make bentos for three!  So I made the teriyaki chicken extra.  It was fun eating bento at the park.  We must do it again sometime.  I’m planning on getting a new bike soon, so we can go for bike rides on the river.  That will give us lots of chances to try out our bento boxes :).

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