bento boxes are all around us!

I was all het up about not being able to easily get bento boxes around here…without doing mail order, which takes SO LONG!  I want my instant gratification and I want it NOW!  hee hee  But lately I have been noticing some bento-suitable containers in Coles. Here is one of them:It’s just a glass storage container with a plastic lid (the lid has a rubber seal and a steam release button, which allows the box to be sealed really well.)  It comes in several sizes, this one is just right for a me bento.  It’s rather deep so different kinds of sauce cups and such could fit in easily.  I really like the natural feel of glass, and I definitely prefer it to plastic, even though it is totally lacking in a certain Je ne sais kawaii! (only pun in this post, I promise).  I thought it would be oh-so-appropriate to have it with my all natural unbleached cotton shopping bag from The Root Cellar in Charlottetown, where we used to live, oh, thirteen or so years ago. Btw, is that store still there?  It had beautiful wooden shelves and counter tops.  Incidentally, Wendell, the guy that made them, built a kitchen for us back then.  Anyway, this is a post about a bento, not a well-loved health food store from the past!  In the bento, chopped salad with orange dressing, steamed baby carrots, walnut quinoa, and Elmars smoked wieners.  Yum!


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