sweetie saturday and a mobile bento

I’m a bit of a technophobe usually, but I have to say I’m loving my new phone.  Today the boys all went out to do a woodworking workshop in the country near Toodyay, and took my camera with them.  So I used my phone to take some photos today.  Of course with the house so peaceful, and this being market day, I HAD to indulge in deliciousness and make a bento too.  cinnamon hazelnut macaroon and spelt walnut brownieMorning Tea.  The great Aussie tradition.  What, you think this is too much for one person?!  I did the floors, two loads of washing and the weekly food shopping you know! 🙂  So I deserved all this!!  I don’t usually have cappucino, prefer long black, but today broke with my habit.  I have one coffee per week, on Saturday morning.  The sweets are from Abhi’s Bakery stall at Manning Market.  (They have a store in Fremantle too.)  This week I tried the chocolate walnut brownie cake (this is only a half piece, okay?!)  and the cinnamon hazelnut macaroon.  That macaroon……sugar-crisp on the outside, slightly chewy in the middle, and very cinnamon-y.  As Ronie would say, YUM-GUM. And the brownie cake was divine too, in fact I confess I went back and ate the “nose” off the other half piece (^.^).

It’s okay, I will eat healthy food today too!  I made a bento with my fresh irresistible market purchases.  I thought the photos turned out okay for a mobile.  Italian flat beans, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, with new spring garlic!  Gorgeous lettuce, and a Portugese empanada, filled with spicy lamb.  This was a totally laid back bento for a day when I’m trying to keep the kitchen from gettin’ wrecked because I don’t want to clean it up AGAIN.  You know the old saying, “when the mice are away, the cat will play!”  So I’m planning on enjoying the rest of this day to the full.  Except for the next three loads of washing.  ARGH!

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