sunrise, and a very cherry breakfast…

It must have been just before six when I woke to take Cosette down to the river for her morning walk.  This time I remembered my camera.I love this time of day.  Everything is quiet (you know what I mean, “city quiet”.)  We walked along the river to our favourite spot and I took some shots.  A pelican landed so we backtracked to catch him just as the sun broke the hills.We stood around for ages watching the light change to gold as the sun climbed higher.  The pelican swam back and forth, obliging me with an extended shoot!A pink and grey galah arrived, his pink blush was rich in the warm light.  I couldn’t get closer because Cosette was being a pest!The Curtin Rowing Club is nearby, these rowers get to see this kind of thing every morning.  Cool.It just kept getting better.  Am I gushing too much?  This morning was completely magical…Phew!  After all that gloriousness I was starving.  Not exactly a bento, but, hey, I served it on my little stainless steel divided tray, surely that counts!  Walnut wholegrain spelt pancakes with maple syrup, jersey milk cherry yogurt and, you guessed it, cherries!Guys, it’s gonna be a great day!!

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