bento-ish lunch bowl

This lunch is not really a bento, but a bit of wrap over the top could have turned it into one!   Sweet chilli chicken strip, spinach and mushroom rolled omelet, furikake rice, “designer tomatoes”, cucumbers and sweet pepper, and chilli sauce with a little mayonnaise on the side.Lately I have been doing more cooking for bentos, and doing different kinds of omelets and egg dishes.  Do you like the lazy way I did this rolled omelet?  I sauteed some garlic, added mushrooms, then young spinach.  Pushed the vege to the side, a little more oil, then add in the egg, let it start to set then roll up in the pan.  It’s not as impressive looking as the classic method.  If you’re lazy like me you can still cook an interesting lunch without too much effort!

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9 Responses to bento-ish lunch bowl

  1. Selvinas says:

    This looks nice!
    You know what I noticed? Everyone’s eggs look better than mine!
    Your’s has such a nice color!

    • JamJam says:

      Thanks, that’s very kind! But I can’t take credit for the egg’s colour…I think it’s down to the chicken…or the farmer! 🙂 I can get excellent freerange eggs from the market here. I had a look at your blog, looks nice! Great vegetable lunches. I liked the look of the “sweet potato bake” !

      • Selvinas says:

        Mmm, I don’t think that’s why. I always buy free range or organic eggs.
        Maybe chickens from Australia are a different kind than the one in Europe? ;p
        I’m so curious about this now!

        Or maybe it’s the pan or the oil we use.

        The potato bake is so filling! I think I’ll be making it again sometime next week. It’s so delicious!

        Are you making bentos for your kids or for yourself?

  2. JamJam says:

    I was curious too, so I looked it up! Apparently the yellow is from carotenids (carotene), and it comes from feeding the hens greens or corn, but store bought eggs sometimes are yellow because producers feed the hens yellow dye! YUCK! So I hope these eggs are the natural ones! I make bentos for me and sometimes my kids, but we usually just eat them at home because we’re homeschooling. Sometimes I just make them for myself because they just want to eat something plain and I like lots of vegetables. What about you?

    • Selvinas says:

      Euuugh, that sounds very creepy and worrying!
      Hope that’s not allowed by European regulations. I like to believe the authorities do some good check ups on food safety( Does this sentence sound weird to you?).
      My cousin does check ups on chemicals in companies and transport and I know he has to do them a couple of times a week. So it’s probably the same for food.

      Homeschooling sounds difficult! Are there any subject you are having troubles teaching with? Like maybe math? And is there some kind of nationwide requirement list for what homeschooled children need to know?

      I also make the lunchboxes for myself. I usually take them to work and will now try to take them to college. But today I found out it’s probably not going to fit into my bag! But now is the first week of the new year so next week I will probably leave some books at home.

  3. JamJam says:

    Your sentence is fine :)! Australian regulations are strict about most things, but no one seems too worried about food colourings for people, so I’m sure they’re not for chickens! Scary, eh? Do you mind saying where you are in Europe?

    Lucky for me my husband is a whiz at math so he teaches our high school aged son. Same son does a science class elsewhere, so that takes care of the two tough ones! English is my area, and I love art, history, etc. so the other subjects are ok, even fun for me.

    What are you studying? Don’t mind me, I’m being nosey…!

    • Selvinas says:

      Haha, sometimes I will compose an English sentence and it will look so weird or awkward to me!

      I’m from the Netherlands. And I think the best way to describe my major is that it’s multidisciplinair and focuses a lot on writing(more so than other majors).
      For example, right now(first part of the year, there are 6) I’m taking psychology, sociology and politics and all these subjects try to teach us how to combine several perspectives/research methods that are specific within one discipline with others.
      Did I explain this clearly enough?

      Well, respect for you! I just came from high school not that long ago and have forgotten most of what they taught me! Although that’s also partly my own fault.

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