When I made this bento I thought the colours might be too garish.  I think it turned out ok because of the green theme.  sapphire potato salad
This lunch featured the latest and greatest from Manning Market: sapphire potatoes in a creamy potato salad with bacon, mini lebanese cucumbers, mini broccoli head, floretted and sauteed with garlic and mushrooms.  Rounding it out, tomato rice and scrambled eggs with parsley.  The tea towel it sits on is one from a school fundraiser, the patterns on it are self-portraits from the whole of junior school.  My son’s drawing is on it…I don’t use it to dry dishes because it’s too special.  It reminds me of when he was little :).

In other news, today my new hakoya bento boxes finally arrived so I’m looking forward to trying them out soon!

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