Another Young Guest Chef

rather proud of himselfToday, bentos prepared by an eager young apprentice chef!  Meet The Robot Who Destroyed the World.  Using a variety of bento stash items and some tasty tender beef schnitzels carefully panfried, our guest chef of the day turned out (with a little help) three excellent bentos!  We used our Kokeshi set, first time to use all three at once!  As usual everyone in the family wanted something different so we had to take orders to sort it all out.Here’s what we ended up with.  These bentos are rather small so we rounded them out with a good dish of fruit (and a small biscuit or two) to go with.  One of my children who shall remain nameless doesn’t like cherries.  The mind boggles.  Anyway, on with the show.
Here is Older son’s, featuring ravioli.  Our butcher sells a very nice fresh ravioli that I keep in the freezer for quick lunches.  Ravioli with cheese and tomato sauce, Schnitzel, brocco-flower, sweet pepper, creamy soup, and cherries, strawberry and apple. The ravioli looked a lot more photogenic before it had been a bit squashed by the closed bento! 🙂  And next, mine, with
 miso soup, and a couple of raviolis I nicked!  Everyone in the family gets a MMM!tweaked bento…taking into account food preferences.  It gets complicated sometimes!  About the only things you won’t ever see in my own bento box are kidneys, tripe or thousand year old eggs :).  And lastly, Here is one member of the family who definitely likes cherries.   It would be so easy to hypnotise her with one of these.  Puppy…pick up your toys…Puppy…pick up your toys!

It would be so easy to hynotise her with one of these

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