Guest Cook Makes Springrolls!

Bento Wa welcomes our first guest cook!  Santana made springrolls for our lunches today…and it really was cooking for a crowd since we had six of us!

We made a filling from rice noodles, spring onion, garlic, shredded carrot and leftover cooked chicken breast, seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce.  I fried the spring rolls while she carried on valiantly, filling a huge number of wrappers for the hungry crowd.

 It didn’t take very long to cook them, though I was only able to do a few at a time in the cast-iron wok.  This is a wok I got in Canada years ago, at Canadian Tire.  Gee, I miss all the cool cast iron cookware so readily available in Canadian stores!  Here everything is non-stick these days, definitely not my fave.

After the cooking we rolled out what seemed like lunch after lunch, sandwich rolls, spring rolls, cut up fruit, all arranged in boxes.  I was going to photograph all the boxes but didn’t get a chance!  Everyone was starving.

This was my lunch, I did manage to hold back long enough to get a shot!
Notice the lovely little tomatoes…Santana’s mum brought a box of “tomato medley” from her supermarket.  I must find out where she got them, they were really tasty and love the cute colours!  Mmm…hot spring rolls for lunch!  I hope Santana comes by to cook again sometime soon!  🙂

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