Sausage Fried Rice, and a Boy Bento

For lunch today, a fried rice with naturally smoked sausage from Elmar’s Smallgoods.  I have been buying from their stall at Manning Market; they also have a full store in Mount Lawley.  They use traditional methods, and the result is German sausage and meats of best quality and taste.  (I’m not getting a kickback for saying that, by the way!)  I’m also not that keen on lunch meats most of the time, but have it occasionally.  Also with it, egg salad, and leftover simmered carrot, sweet potato and turnip, and cucumber and cherry tomato.

I asked Older Son today if he would like a bento also, and to my surprise, he said yes.  He gets this gigantic Tupperware bento box, with an Elmar’s beef knacker hot dog, salad, jersey milk cherry yoghurt with cherries, and a biscuit.  One of the nice things about homeschooling is that I get to see them eat their lunches.  He enjoyed it very much, and it was nice to see him eating a well-rounded meal.  He is more of a snacky eater in general.

Another sunny day here.  I went down to the reserve early this morning in time to see a gorgeous pink and golden sunrise.  I was kicking myself that I hadn’t brought my camera…again!!  I’ll try and remember for next time.

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