It Stopped Raining!

After a week of downpours and gusty winds, a warm sunny day…perfect for an outdoor lunch.  So I dusted off my first bento box, the very cute one the boys got me for mother’s day a few years ago, right after we had watched My Neighbour Totoro for the first time.

We loved the film and have gone on to watch every movie we could get our hands on by Studio Ghibli, but Totoro is still the best!  Sublime, in fact.

For lunch, curry mince and potato with coriander, spring onion and cherry tomato, mushroom omelette, a sweet little biodynamic carrot from the market, tomato rice and strawberry and jam pancake roll-ups (leftover from breakfast).  I think maybe my photography is getting a little better!  But of course it’s easier to take photos on a bright day.

One of the things that makes  our dreary rainy winter much more bearable is the arrival of local strawberries at the end of July.  I really shouldn’t complain about the weather, even in mid-winter we still get the occasional day like today.  This afternoon I will go for a long walk and soak up some sun…I think it’s raining again next week!

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