Hazmat Bento?

We finally received our new Kokeshi bento boxes from Bento and Co!  They really are excellent quality.  A geisha, a samurai and a ninja, one each for me and the boys.  I couldn’t wait to try them out.

So to celebrate small son and I decided to go to the park for lunch.  With Cosette of course!  It was a warm, sunny winter day, no need for coats.  We walked down the hill, full of anticipation, until…

Yes, if you look closely you will see, that is a guy in a hazmat suit, spraying in the park!  We didn’t go any closer than this, we turned and ran in the other direction!  We were horrified, especially since he was spraying in the  wetland area where we so often hear frogs calling.
Further along the river we finally found a quiet spot to sit and eat. What a perfect day to enjoy the sun and some good food. Cosette looks very interested in lunch…she stopped chasing her ball for a few minutes to beg…

We had teriyaki chicken and fried udon noodles, potato salad with peas and corn, cut vegetables and pears, and some creamy soup.

As we ate I was still thinking about the frogs.  We have two types of frogs we hear in that spot, pobble-bonks with their distinctive ponk-clonk sound, and motorbike frogs.  Frogs are very sensitive to enviromental chemicals.  Still, it was a beautiful day.

Cosette dug in the sand for her ball.
Her enthusiasm seems to bring cheer to any situation!

A perfectly still day, so unusual here in this windy city. It doesn’t look like this is 10 minutes from the CBD does it?  So peaceful.  But I still can’t stop thinking about the frogs…

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2 Responses to Hazmat Bento?

  1. Denise says:

    What a blissful day – the stuff of memories. Great photos too.

    Re the spraying and the frogs – hopefully the sprayer is very aware of where and where not to spray and is using something eco-friendly. Why not check with your council so they know you care?

  2. burinsmith says:

    It was lovely…that section of river is a valued habitat. I guess that’s part of the reason why it was such a shock. I should contact the council, shouldn’t I? This incident happened last week, stay tuned for an update post!

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