Frittata Bento!

For lunch today, leftover potato, capsicum and colby frittata, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, a wholewheat ham pita roll, fuji apple and lebanese cucumber, plus a small serve of apple walnut muffin cake.  Most ingredients are organic and bought from the Manning Farmer’s Market.  Love that place…now buying nearly all our food from there.

Lately I have gotten a little obsessed with bento lunches. I have a small (but quickly growing) collection of bento gear. Why do I like bentos so much? Because they’re healthy, aesthetic, and yet another example of exquisite Japanese culture! My first experience of bento boxes was visiting my son’s school at morning tea time and seeing my Japanese friend’s daughter eating her traditionally prepared lunch, including a small immaculately presented box of sliced pears and blueberries with a tiny bento fork. That was quite a few years ago and my friend lives in Japan again now. I often think of her when I’m making or researching bentos. I hope to visit her there someday…and tell her about my bento addiction. I know she’ll laugh when I tell her!

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